Explore the DEWnited Texas Label


Explore the DEWnited Texas Label

Behind every MTN DEW® DEWnited bottle is a story of state pride. To celebrate each individual state, MTN DEW® created state-specific labels that highlight all the unique ways DEW Nation gets out to Do The DEW® nationwide. Explore the MTN DEW® DEWnited state label:

01 LONGHORN CAR // The Longhorn is the toughest breed of cattle on earth, so it’s no surprise locals here like to adorn their bumpers with its horns. Plus, you’ll never be on the losing side of a fender bender again.

02 COWBOY // We lead the nation in farms and ranches, spanning over 130 million acres. It’s no surprise the idea of a cowboy originated here—and it’s even more unsurprising that those figures still ride today.

03 BBQ // Our state is so rich with the rebel spirit that you can taste it in our BBQ. After all, we have four different iconic styles just within our borders—because who could ever agree on one?