Explore the DEWnited Rhode Island Label


Explore the DEWnited Rhode Island Label

Behind every MTN DEW® DEWnited bottle is a story of state pride. To celebrate each individual state, MTN DEW® created state-specific labels that highlight all the unique ways DEW Nation gets out to Do The DEW® nationwide. Explore the MTN DEW® DEWnited state label:

01 BOAT // We may be the smallest state in the country, but we’ve still got more shoreline than 32 others—and we conquer every foot of it.

02 WHALE // The nation’s smallest state is home to some of the ocean’s largest sea creatures. Ironic, we know.

03 CAPITOL BUILDING // 327,000 square feet of white marble. 1,309 tons of iron floor beams. 15 million bricks. Our state is small. Our State House… not so much.