Explore the DEWnited Arizona Label


Explore the DEWnited Arizona Label

Behind every MTN DEW® DEWnited bottle is a story of state pride. To celebrate each individual state, MTN DEW® created state-specific labels that highlight all the unique ways DEW Nation gets out to Do The DEW® nationwide. Explore the MTN DEW® DEWnited state label:

01 COYOTE // Like the coyote, we don’t sleep until we’ve conquered the day…and the night.

02 SAGUARO // Growing to over 40 feet tall, the Saguaro Cactus is an Arizona icon—one which we wouldn’t suggest trying to jump on a mountain bike.

03 DIAMONDBACK SNAKE // The Western Diamondback Snake has a nasty bite, so keep your hand on the gas while you’re roaring through our deserts on that ATV.