The Mountain Dew® Skate Team Welcomes Trevor Colden

Just days after his 21st birthday, Virginia Beach-bred Trevor Colden finds out he’s the next skateboarding hopeful whose dream of riding for the MOUNTAIN DEW® skate team is about to come true.

He’s young, but ambitious, demonstrated by his impressive reel of skate clips that showcase his fearless style.

“I don’t think skating’s something you can be really good at right off the bat. Everyone has to practice a lot in order to get comfortable, get your balance right, and everything like that.”
Trevor Colden

Whether he’s ripping boardslides down seven-block handrails or popping windshields over cars, Colden is the poster child for courageous creativity. Last year, he took home his first DEW® Cup after flawlessly finessing his run at a Dew Tour Streetstyle event.

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